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ich bin viele

Concept | Experience Design | Data Visualization

ich bin viele

an interactive exhibition that reveals our many, often contrary and incomprehensible sides of ourselves. With the help of simple everyday situations, it aims to gain access to hidden parts of the personality and questions situational behavior. Within three exhibits, our complex world of thoughts and emotions, which every human being is exposed to, is being revealed.

The experience thrives on active participation, stimulates own memories and feelings, and invites visitors to admit them. The exhibition is not only for self-reflection. Rather, it illustrates similar, destructive thinking patterns to which human unnecessarily ascribe much value.

01 Thread of patience


In everyday life, it is the unremarkable moments that can demand everything of a person. They are the situations that put our own needs on hold and can only be controlled to a limited extent. Whether it's bad traffic while being late for an important appointment, somebody cutting in line or having a conversation with somebody who always knows it better. Although the events aren't even that bad, the inner dialogue may become restless and loud.


This exhibit allows visitors to find out how heated their own minds are in such situations.

02 Embarrassment Scale

Where is my pain limit?

Every person has a very individual pain limitation. Shame arises in a social situation in which something should remain hidden and yet suddenly comes to light. The feeling can be perceived as a discrepancy between real and ideal self-image and relates to subjective values that are strongly influenced by culture. In dealing with unpleasantness, personality traits show up particularly strongly because the pain limit depends on how to handle such situations.


This exhibit lets visitors in on how high their individual pain threshold is.


What have I really failed at?


Not everything you see is everything that was. Most of my concept went down the drain, the hoped-for laughs remained off. What's left is a pile of unfinished ideas and an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Being valued by others satisfies the need for a stable self. Our achievement oriented society drives this pursuit, people are measured by successes and judged for failures. Yet it is the unpleasant experiences that provide emotional growth – painful experiences are the ones that show the inner team building and sustainably strengthen the personality.


The final exhibit created space for more honesty with oneself and others. Huge thanks to all participants for admitting their failures and to making them accessible for everyone else to see.

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